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St. Lawrence Supper Club Reservations

Read the steps below to reserve your spot at this month's St. Lawrence Supper Club.

1. Click here to access the reservation platform.

2. Click 'Pickup Service' and enter your address. Click search and select your address from the drop down menu.

3. The first option on this page is the St. Lawrence Supper Club menu. Click anywhere on the menu and a drop down menu will appear below.

4. Where it says 'Extra Notes for the Kitchen', please enter your name. Then select 'Name Entered' from the drop down menu directly above.

5. From that same drop down menu, select your choice of appetizer, entree and dessert. Then approve server gratuity and click the green check next to your name.

6. You have now added one guest. If you are reserving more than one spot, repeat steps 3 through 5 with additional names and meal choices.

7. Once you have reserved all necessary spots, click the green 'Checkout' button to the right of the menu.

8. Under 'Choose your Pickup Time', select 'Pick Time' and choose September 29th on the calendar and 5:30PM for the time. Click 'Continue'

9. Enter your information and let us know of any dietary restrictions. Click 'Continue'.

10. Choose your payment method and enter your billing information. Click 'Continue' and enter your payment information. In order to keep our guests and staff safe, we are not accepting cash payments for this month's Supper Club.

11. Click 'Confirm my Order' to finish reserving your spot(s).